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KEB Hana Card

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Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product id: 181

KEB Hana Card is one of the local South Korean card brands supported on our platform. It is available for international merchants who wish to enhance the user experience for South Korean customers.

Cards are the most popular payment method amongst consumers in South Korea for online purchases. While many of the issued cards are co-branded with international card brands for cross border transactions, the brands of the local issuers are more relevant for consumers when they shop online with local players.

Check out the KEB Hana Card (Authenticated) product for the Real-time Banking payments.

We are now enabling you to offer the same experience for your South Korean customers. It does not only introduce the card brands that these customers are used to, it also ensures that they can pay with cards that are not enabled for cross border processing: Around 50% of the cards are not co-branded and only available on the local network.

Also on the integration side, this product will bring a couple of advantages compared to a cross border setup. Each issuer is involved in the onboarding process of your account. And while we are taking care of the administrative hassle of the onboarding itself, it will help to optimize the approval rates by being registered with the issuer directly.

Another improvement is the fact that the local scheme doesn’t have a huge proportion of its declines flagged with generic reason codes. While a decline still has a negative outcome, it will make it easier to determine the reason for the decline and advise your customer on the next step in order to convert the payment attempt into a successful payment.

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Key benefits

  • Optimize user experiences by using local card brands
  • Access 100% of the issued cards with both co-branded and local cards
  • Direct boarding with local card Issuers
  • Detailed reason codes to optimize error handling


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