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Single-click payments

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Single-click payments is a service where your consumer fills in as little information as possible to complete a transaction; because all their credentials are already known by us. You can initiate a new payment by just referring to the original transaction in case a returning customer comes to your checkout page.

Using Single-click payments will help you making the payment experience of your consumers as seamless as possible, increasing your overall conversion rate and customer experience.

Our APIs allow you to tokenize transactions. Please refer to our API documentation for further documentation.

Currently this is supported for:

  • Credit Card
  • E-wallets
  • Direct Debit (SEPA)

How does it work?

With tokenization we store the consumers information in a profile which we bind to a unique token. When you know that this consumer wants to perform another payment, you simply provide the token in the payment details of the transaction.


  1. The consumer returns to your website and places an order. You recognize the consumer as a returning customer and use the related token or transaction identifier for the next payment. 
  2. You submit the next payment to us using the token or transaction identifier. 
  3. We use the payment information stored in the database to process the payment. 
  4. The transaction will be processed with the information stored in the system. The process may differ from payment method  to payment method. 

How to enable this service

In order to enable this service you will need to be boarded for the products that are compatible with single-click payments and you will need to be enabled for tokenization should you wish to make use of that functionality.

Your implementation manager will be able to help you implement the single-click payment process on your site.