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Fraud risk triggers

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Set up your fraud risk triggers

Our fraud tools offer you the flexibility to customize your setup to align with the risk appetite of your business by using a combination of the following decision-making instruments available to create a strong fraud prevention strategy.

  • Create rules using any data point you send: shipping address, IP address, and payment details
  • Set up simple to complex rules, depending on your needs
  • Customize your lists to block a specific email, IP address, or country to stop fraudulent payments
  • Make safe lists of customers you trust to improve the customer experience
Fraud score
  • Estimate possible risks by accessing the transaction reliability information
  • Adjust your threshold to switch between blocking and authorizing transactions flagged as suspicious
Advanced Adaptive Machine Learning
  • Use algorithms and models, that continuously learn and adapt to changing fraud patterns
  • Enhance fraud detection accuracy with real-time scoring and decision-making models

Within your chosen tool, set up your fraud detection using the above strategies to evaluate the risk, indicating a specific outcome when a rule is triggered. These outcomes could be accepted, denied, or challenged.