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Handling multiple currencies

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Our platform is able to support payments in over 150 currencies.  Offering consumers the ability to pay in their own currency increases: conversion, sales and improves the user experience.  You can choose in which currency(ies) you would like to be settled – the selection available depends on the method of payment selected by the consumer.



You will receive a daily report showing the value of all settled transactions in original payment currency and in your chosen remittance currency. In case of currency conversion, exchange rate is also reported in the collection report.


You can present in any of the 150+ currencies supported by our platform, as long as your eCommerce environment supports multiple currency presentment.  Adding new presentment currencies means a simple written instruction from you specifying the desired corresponding remittance currency.

We also request bank statement to confirm remittance bank account in desired remittance currency. We can then complete the configuration change within 6 business days (multiple currencies can be requested simultaneously). Adding a new remittance currency is completed within the same time frame, plus the time taken to confirm the arrival of a test payment to the specified bank account.