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The vast majority of the payments your customers make are one-off payments taken in exchange for you providing a product or service to your customer (the shopper). Typically such a payment is processed by the shopper entering their payment details on a web page (payment page) that can be displayed within your shop or which is hosted by us.
Since these payment details are sensitive data to the shopper, security of the page and the payment process are of high importance. Completing the payment successfully ensures that you are successful so subjects such as usability, transparency and efficient processing are also important. Connect is built to answer your payment requirements and keep the process as simple and smooth as possible for you and for your customers, taking care of the best-in-class user experience.
Not all payments are one-off payments. There are many business flows that involve more complex scenarios. For example if you provide services such as streaming services that are a form of subscription. Although not all these scenarios actually involve recurring processes the term Recurring Payments has established itself in the payment industry and is used to cover this. The full range of functions Connect provides to support you with this is described in the section Recurring Payments.