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Sandbox/Pre-Production/Production environments

  • Sandbox is used for testing the basic functionalities of our payment platform (sign up for a free login)
  • Pre-Production is a mirror of your production account to emulate and test different processes, such as transactional and operational reporting
  • Production is the live environment

From the Configuration Center of a chosen environment, you can find the information related to your account (Merchant ID, API keys, and Webhook keys). Please enter these under the worldline.globalcollect gateway affiliation in line with the selected environment.

Payments Product settings / Payment conditions

By clicking on the green + icon, you can find all payment products supported by VTEX. Please refer to the list of products in the admin dashboard to see what is available in our plugin. VTEX will only allow you to configure these in combination with the worldline.globalcollect gateway affiliation.

Worldline Global Collect product

Select this option if you would like to process all payment products via MyCheckout hosted payment pages. It also allows you to process additional payment products which were not integrated into the plugin yet. 

Capture type

  • Direct Capture payments will automatically be captured and reported as paid when the capture is complete on the gateway (an invoice is created automatically)
  • Delayed Settlement you'll have to manually capture new payments by creating an invoice from the order details page


VTEX automatically tokenizes card payments at the checkout.

Actions on our portal

All actions (refund, cancellation, capture) should only take place on the VTEX portal.

Feedback & Questions

The VTEX plugin is still operating in demo mode, so if you encounter any technical troubles, please get in touch with your account manager or via filling out the form for us to look into your request!