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The card schemes, and as an extension of that also Worldline, require you to clearly state your policy for merchandise returns, payments acceptance and refunds. This will also improve the user experience for your customer and increase their trust in your company.

Payments Acceptance

Payments Acceptance Policy should include information such as the payment methods accepted.

For example:

Credit Card Orders

We accept Visa, MasterCard. American Express and Discover for orders to almost anywhere in the world. When you use your credit card, please provide your credit card billing address, if different from the shipping address, and daytime/evening phone numbers. The billing and shipping address MUST match.


A Refunds Policy should be documented, as in the example below:

Credits and Balances Due

Any credits on your account with us will be refunded promptly. We will use the same method to refund the amount as you used when you placed the order. For example, if the order was paid by credit card, we will credit your credit card account. Please be aware that it might take several days before you see the amount on your account.


Your consumers might want to return the products or services they receive. You will increase the trust of consumers by clearly stating how they can return and within which timeframe. Please note that certain countries have regulations with regards to the time period a consumer must return the product or service. Any time limitations on return requests should be documented.
Any deductions to the refund amount or additional fees and any cases where returns are not accepted such as customized goods should be clearly stated. Example texts are shown below:


When you receive your order, always keep the paperwork that is included with it in case you wish to return or exchange an item. A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is required for all returns. You can request an RMA via email or you can call.

Returned items must be in their original packaging and in new condition, or they will be rejected and sent back to you.

Defective Returns

If the item you wish to return is inoperable but has no apparent damage, it is considered defective. If you receive defective merchandise, please send us a message.

Damaged Returns

Damaged merchandise includes items that have been damaged in shipping. If a shipment arrives at your door with obvious shipping damage, please refuse the delivery. If you have already accepted delivery and then find shipping damage, please call the shipper immediately. If you receive damaged merchandise, please save all packaging material and paperwork. If you attempt to return the merchandise yourself, you jeopardize our chances of making a claim, and you may not receive credit for the return.