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The GlobalCollect platform has a two-layer reporting model for transactions.

1.    Online reporting

Online transactions are always reported online with a confirmation message that also includes an approval or rejection.

2.    Daily offline operational reports

The daily payment reports give an overview of all payments that are processed during that day, breaking down the information per transaction level.

Operational reports

WX file

This operational report contains details about all processed orders and collected transactions, as well as the total amount due per currency. A separate report is created for each merchant ID/Account ID/Contract ID. This report is required to allow you to update your order management system based on the payment activity processed by the GlobalCollect platform on your behalf.

The file is available in XML, CSV and ASCII format and is uploaded 7 days per week directly to your designated secure file transfer (SFT) environment before 0:00 CET.

Please contact the merchant services department for the full technical specifications of these reports.

WebCollect Payment Console (WPC)

Next to the WX file, we provide you access to the WebCollect Payment Console (WPC). This operational tool lists all transactions and allows users to perform actions on them like cancelling a transaction, performing refunds etc. It also has an advanced search function that enables users to search for specific transactions.

Financial report

Financial Reports

The Financial Report is produced daily (Monday to Friday). Based upon your set-up requirements, certain data elements within the reported sections and certain sections themselves may not be applicable.

For example; if it has been agreed to remit daily, the remittance section will contain data on a daily basis, while if it has been agreed to remit weekly, the remittance overview sections will only contain data on a Friday (our weekly remittance cut-off).
Since processing and collections take place daily, the Operational Overview will contain data on a daily basis.


The Financial report file is available in the following formats:

Business Intelligence

We offer a business intelligence tool called Elevate for detailed analysis of your payment performance. This includes benchmarking to see how you are performing relative to the market.