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Accept online payments globally while offering your consumer a local experience with Magento 2 plugin. We give you access to the features of our platform in one uncomplicated integration! This plugin allows you to synchronize Worldline Global Collect and Magento 2: view transaction summaries in the plugin's dashboard and switch to our Payment Console for more detailed reporting.

New features added 

    • Redirect text: add the text your customer sees before redirect
    • Include/exclude payment products in MyCheckout hosted pages
    • Editable URL endpoints
    • Grouped products
    • Link+
    • Extended statuses presented at transaction details
    • Improved credit memo and webhook handling

Key features

  • Cards & local payment products: accept payments with the most popular products such as Cards, iDEAL, Sofort, and PayPal
  • Hosted or inline checkout options: if you choose not to touch and store your consumers' data, you can outsource the payment page to us using MyCheckout hosted payment pages. You can also take full ownership of the card flow using the inline option, with selected payment products
  • Tokenization: offer returning consumers a faster checkout experience by saving their card details
  • Direct or delayed capture: gives you the option to instantly capture transactions; or in two steps by first authorizing, then capturing.
  • Fraud review: you have the option to approve or deny payments, using the Suspected Fraud feature in the admin panel, making it easier for your team to tackle these transactions
  • Event management: webhooks notify you about events you process like changes in the payment status. You can select event types to be notified about and notification channels themselves. This allows you to be aware of happening actions, even when the consumer is no longer on your site

Supported services 

  • 3D Secure 2
  • Dynamic 3D Secure
  • Cancel
  • Capture
  • Delayed capture
  • Partial capture
  • Refunds
  • Partial refunds
  • Soft descriptor
  • Tokenization in Magento Vault (there's no mandate management support for PayPal or Direct Debit)
  • Webhooks
  • Worldline payment console (can be also used to authorize payments, initiate cancellations and refunds)

Download Magento plugin

Please note that this guide is made specifically for our platform, and doesn’t list all the default Magento features and workflows, applicable to other integrations.