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What is a Beta?

Beta programs are products we're actively working on to bring to market. Sign up for early testing and be on the cutting edge of the payments industry as you deliver a better.

Benefits of signing up
  • Stay ahead with the latest payment products
  • Offer cutting edge payment solutions to your shoppers
  • Full Worldline support during and after integration

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Frequently asked questions

This page features the payment products available with the latest plugin version. If you can't find a required product on the list, please update to the latest version, or contact us for support.

Every payment product available through our MyCheckout hosted payment pages solution is supported via the Hosted Payment Pages product. See more information on the Configuration page.

Our Magento 2 plugin works with GlobalCollect payment platform. Please, check out the list below for more detailed information.

Payment product Payment method Status
American Express Cards (debit & credit)
Apple Pay Mobile
BC Card Cards (debit & credit)
Carte Bancaire Cards (debit & credit)
Diners Club Cards (debit & credit)
Discover Cards (debit & credit)
Giropay Real-time Banking
Google Pay Mobile
Hyundai Card Cards (debit & credit)
iDEAL Real-time Banking
JCB Cards (debit & credit)
KB Kookmin Card Cards (debit & credit)
KEB Hana Card Cards (debit & credit)
Lotte Card Cards (debit & credit)
Maestro Cards (debit & credit) Grouped cards only*
Mastercard Cards (debit & credit)
Mastercard Debit Cards (debit & credit)
NH Card Cards (debit & credit)
PayPal e-Wallet
Paysafecard PrePaid Vouchers
Samsung Card Cards (debit & credit)
Shinhan Card Cards (debit & credit)
Sofort Real-time Banking
UnionPay International ExpressPay Cards (debit & credit)
UnionPay International SecurePay Cards (debit & credit) Grouped cards only*
Visa Cards (debit & credit)
Visa Debit Cards (debit & credit)
Visa Electron Cards (debit & credit)
What is grouped cards? 

The feature of grouped cards simplifies the payment selection process by organizing different card types into a unified presentation for the customer to choose from during checkout. When the customer enters their card details, the card type is automatically recognized, enabling a smooth and efficient checkout experience. The grouped cards option is available for both MyCheckout hosted payment pages and your own checkout.