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Card on file is a term used - usually with card payments - to describe that you have stored the (credit or debit) card number of a customer to simplify your processing of payments from that customer.

The storage of card details, such as the card number, are regulated in the payment industry to ensure security of those details and we provide functions to carry out that storage for you if required.

Once a card is held "on file" you could use this card to speed up new purchases from your customer by providing a form of one-click purchase where the details no longer need to be entered.
You can also use an "on file" card to support offering your customer services (or products) in the form of a subscription.

If Worldline stores the card (or other payment type) details for you, we then need to provide you a reference to those details in order for you to specify which card you wish to charge the payment to. This reference is called a token and the process of storing the details is called tokenization.

In submitting a request to Connect you will find that in those places where you can provide card details it is also possible to submit a token. Our Tokenization Service also helps you with further functions to manage your tokens such as the possibility to update tokens.