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Worldline plugin version 2.7


The current plugin edition is compatible with the following Magento versions:

  • Magento 2.3
  • Magento 2.4

If you want to install the plugin in an older version of Magento, choose the correct one from the list:

  • Magento 2.2 : Version 2.4.0 of this plugin
  • Magento 2.1 : Not supported
  • Magento 2.0 : Not supported

Test module

  1. Open the Magento frontend
  2. Add a product to the cart
  3. Proceed to the checkout page
  4. On the "Payment Method" section select "Ingenico ePayments"
  5. The available payment methods (PayPal, Visa, etc.) should be shown under the title

Information for integrators

Upgrade instructions

If you are upgrading from a version prior to 2.0.0, please read the upgrade instructions.

Hooking into the module

Each time a status change from Worldline is processed, an event is dispatched where you can hook in to. The name of these events are:


Some examples:




A list of all possible statuses from Worldline can be found in the documentation.

Change log

All applied changes are captured and described on our GitHub page.