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My Look & Feel replicates your website’s style and format (from your logos, button, background, etc.) by extracting your web page elements to recreate your website’s look and feel onto your My Checkout Hosted Payment Pages. To do so, web crawling and scrapping techniques are used in identifying the design data needed to copy your website style and format.

From here, you can easily customize your hosted payment pages with a set of default templates tailored to your needs. You can create different variants to help you manage the look and feel of your web pages.T&C

  1. Click "Copy my look & feel" to start creating a variant. For more information about the dev hub and hosted payment pages, click "Learn more".
    Copy MLF
  2. Click "Add a variant" to begin.
  3. Name the variant you are creating. Set the template as: Responsive or minimal.
  4. Fill in your "Website URL".
    Add a variant 
    It is via this URL that web crawling and scraping will extract your design data. By inputting the website URL, you state that you have the fully authority to allow (WHITELABLE variable) to perform any action needed to replicate your My Checkout Hosted Payment Page with your website’s look and feel.
  5. Click "Save variant" to save and continue. A message displays to inform you that the variant has been successfully created. Click the variant to activate it. For future usage, you will be able to open the variant in the My Hosted Checkout Page. If you do not want to add a variant at this moment, click "Cancel" and you will be directed back to the My Look & Feel main page.
  6. To see the results of My Look & Feel, click “Actions” and “Edit”. Your website will be analyzed once MyCheckout Editor is opened. A window then displays the progress of the analysis. Once the elements are being put in place, you can see the result and do the edit.Copy look and feel

  7. You will be able to easily customize your page once the styles are available on My Checkout Hosted Pages.T&C

As these design data may be protected by intellectual property rights, you warrant us that you have the necessary rights to allow {whitelabels variable: Ingenico} to perform any action that is needed (such as for example copying and displaying design data) in order to have your My Checkout Hosted Payment Page with the same look and feel as your website. 

Depending on the number of pages of your website and depending on the code used in your website, it might be that we are not able to provide this service or it might be that the result is not accurate. {whitelabels variable: Ingenico} provides no guarantee in this respect.