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This page lists all events that webhooks can currently send. We will add more events in the future, so make sure you check this page whenever you want to add functionality that depends on events that can take place in your Worldline account.

All event names follow the same pattern: object.event. The object defines the resource the event took place on.

Object Event name Description
payment payment.created The transaction has been created. This is the initial state once a new payment is created.
payment.redirected The consumer has been redirected to a 3rd party to complete the authentication/payment.
payment.pending_payment Instructions have been provided and we are now waiting for the money to come in.
payment.account_verified The account has been verified using a validation services like 0$ authorization.
payment.pending_fraud_approval The transaction is awaiting approval from you to proceed with the capturing of the funds.
payment.authorization_requested We have requested an authorization against an asynchronous system and is awaiting its response. (This is only applicable to Union Pay and Braspag.)
payment.pending_approval There are transactions waiting for your approval.
payment.pending_completion There are transactions waiting for you to complete them.
payment.pending_capture There are transactions waiting for you to capture them.
payment.capture_requested The transaction is in the queue to be captured. (For Cards, this means that the that the transaction has been authorized.)
payment.captured The transaction has been captured and we have received online confirmation.
payment.paid We have matched the incoming funds to the transaction. This subscription will also deliver payment.paid_increment for additional matched funds after first payment.
payment.reversed The transaction has been reversed.
payment.chargeback_notification We have received a notification of chargeback and this status informs you that your account will be debited for a particular transaction.
payment.chargebacked The transaction has been chargebacked.
payment.rejected The transaction has been rejected.
payment.rejected_capture We or one of our downstream acquirers/providers have rejected the capture request.
payment.cancelled You have cancelled the transaction.
payment.refunded The transaction has been refunded.
refund refund.created The refund has been created.
refund.pending_approval There are refunds waiting for your approval.
refund.rejected The refund request has been rejected.
refund.refund_requested The transaction is in the queue to be refunded.
refund.captured The transaction has been captured and we have received online confirmation.
refund.refunded The transaction has been refunded.
refund.cancelled You have cancelled the refund.
payout payout.created The payout has been created.
payout.pending_approval There are payouts waiting for your approval.
payout.rejected The payout has been rejected.
payout.payout_requested The transaction is in the queue to be paid out to the consumer.
payout.account_credited We have successfully credited the consumer.
payout.rejected_credit The credit to the account of the consumer was rejected by the bank.
payout.cancelled You have cancelled the payout.
payout.reversed The payout has been reversed.
token token.created The token has been created.
token.updated The token has been updated.
token.expired The token references a card that has expired.
token.expiring_soon The token references a card that will expire next month.
token.deleted The token has been deleted. (The event's token payload will contain only an id.)
dispute dispute.draft Disputes created through the API. Disputes in this state are not automatically processed and require to be submitted via the API to change the state to Created.
dispute.created Dispute created with all the necessary details that will be picked up for validation and further processing.
dispute.invalid_representment The provided details are not sufficient to dispute the chargeback.
dispute.send_to_bank All provided data in the dispute are send to the acquiring bank.
dispute.success Dispute has been decided in your favor.
dispute.expired Dispute has exceeded the time limit for processing and can not be pursued anymore.
dispute.cancelled Dispute has been cancelled and won't be processed any further.