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  • We offer a great deal of payment products and services, each with its own options and possibilities.
  • Before you get started, there are a few things you really need to know in order to get the integration in place that best suits your needs.

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Which payment products do you want to offer your customers?

The Worldline platforms offer the widest range of payment products of any payment service provider, from global card processing to the specialized local payment products your world wide audience likes best. Have a look at the options we provide.

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Do you want to handle sensitive credit card information yourself?

Our platform offers SDKs and the MyCheckout hosted payment pages that make sure you won’t have to bother with sensitive information.

Do you want to host your payment services yourself, or let us take care of hosting?

You can either build your payment pages yourself using our javaScript or Native mobile SDKs on our Client API, or let us completely handle this for you through our MyCheckout hosted payment pages. Which of these options best meets your needs depends on your specific requirements, and we're happy to advise.

Self hosting

Build and host yourself using SDKs or client API

  • Full control over design
  • Users stay in your application/domain
  • Easy best-practices based development
  • Available for many platforms

MyCheckout hosted payment pages

Use our hosted responsive solution for payment processing

  • Least effort integration
  • Easy do-it-yourself styling options
  • Top performing templates
  • Responsive design on mobile

Once your consumer paid and the payment was successful, you can deliver the order to the consumer and obviously want to obtain the reporting of the transaction. Your might face also situations that your consumer returns their order or disagrees with the transaction.


You can refund the payment your consumer made and easily manage the details related to this refund through our API. 


A chargeback occurs when the transaction is reversed by the financial institution. This occurs usually at the request of the consumer. In some cases chargebacks can be disputed.