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Mobile payments

Are you looking for a solution to increase your mobile conversion in line with your mobile traffic? We offer you the tools to achieve this both on your website as well as in your mobile apps.

What are mobile payments?

Mobile payments are payments made from a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet or watch. A distinction can be made between the mobile interface and the mobile payment products.

The mobile interface

The mobile interface is either the website you access from your phone or a mobile app. The mobile app can be build in a native way and have the payment options coded within the app. It is also possible to offer a browser based version, where a consumer is redirected to a website within the app.

The mobile web

The mobile web allows you to create a checkout page for your consumers, which they can easily access from their mobile screen. In order to do so we offer you the following products:

  1. MyCheckout hosted payment pages
  2. JavaScript SDK

MyCheckout hosted payment pages

Our out-of-the box MyCheckout hosted payment pages are designed to adapt automatically to the screen size of the device your customer is using, whether it is a mobile phone or a desktop. Our aim is to offer the best user interface which will give an optimal experience  and help you increase your conversion.We have designed the pages with a "mobile first" approach, so you can be assured that your consumers can pay easily using their mobile devices. As the page is hosted by us, we will capture the payment data which will reduce the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements.

We understand that you want the look and feel of that page to be similar to your own site. Our MyCheckout editor in the Configuration Center is the tool which allows you to optimize your page online. You can alter it easily, by simply clicking a button and changing: fonts, colors, text, the header and the footer. The two templates come in different variants, allowing you to do A/B-testing if wanted.

On the payment page your consumers can pay with their preferred payment product, as all products the Worldline platform offers are available on the MyCheckout hosted payment pages. 

  • If you want to learn more about the integration of the MyCheckout hosted payment pages, click here.
  • Do you want to find out how easy it is to pay using the mobile browser? Sign up for our Sandbox and try it out yourself.

JavaScript SDK

Our JavaScript SDK allows you to design your payment page yourself, while we capture the payment details of your customers securely. Your flexibility is increased and the Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance requirements will be reduced. You are fully in control of the extend and how you want to optimize for mobile.

  • Read more about the JavaScript SDK
  • Do you want to try it out immediately? Go to GitHub for the download.


In case you want to create the design for your mobile optimized payment page yourself and handle the encryption yourself, we offer you our REST API:

  • A server API which is used in a server-to-server setup
  • A client API which is used by clients like desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other internet connected devices.

For both APIs we offer a detailed API Reference that lists all the functionalities and how to use them.

Mobile app

Our iOS and Android SDKs offer you the backend logic to offer native payments. We have built in the logic you need to offer your consumers the payment products they prefer to pay with. You can also choose to use our out of the box example app and style this according to your needs to help reduce your development time. In case you want to add browser based payments to your app, you can use the MyCheckout hosted payment pages.

  • Read more about the Android SDK and iOS SDK.
  • Do you want to try it out immediately? Go to GitHub and download it yourself.
  • If you want to learn more about the integration of the MyCheckout hosted payment pages, click here.

Mobile payment products

The mobile payment products allow consumers to pay using distinct features or functionalities offered by their device and in order to pay, this specific device is needed. Direct Operator Billing/SMS products exist since a very long time already and allow consumers to pay via their mobile phone invoice or have the amount deducted from their prepaid card. Mobile specific products have been developed over time, and allow consumers to transfer money easily. There are many mobile wallets developed over time, which make it easier for a consumer to store their payment details, as well as their shipping and billing address.

Mobile optimized payment products

The payment products that are hosted on our side almost all have an optimized look and feel for mobile devices. In some cases, regulations forbid to alter the default form (e.g. Boleto Bancário). The payment products which redirect you to a third party are in most cases optimized for mobile. A special icon on the developer hub shows whether the product is optimized for mobile and tablet or not.