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Use the test cases provided by Worldline to test the full functionality of Magento. Contact us if you need support with end-to-end testing.


Redirection is managed by the plugin.

Locale for the method URL is picked up from the setting for the store’s locale. This is setup in Magento admin under Store setting > Locale.

Variant for method URL is picked up from the configuration under MyCheckout hosted payment pages (full redirect) variant ID configuration.

Styling the external payment page and 3DS Method URL

With MyCheckout hosted payment pages you have the freedom to tweak the hosted checkout page according to your preferences and business needs.

Order management

This section guides you through the standard workflow of our payment solution for processing orders. For detailed information on any exceptional cases or actions, please refer to the corresponding chapters.

Order placement

Depending on the customer's billing address country, and order amount, the payment method will offer a dynamic list of options.

After placing an order and completing the payment, a customer is redirected back to Magento and sees the message from the Payment statuses frontend output section, indicating the payment status. If everything goes right, the order status will be PROCESSING (for both direct capture and delayed capture).

Capturing orders immediately (direct)

If you’re using Direct Capture mode (see Capture Settings section), orders that are processed with us are automatically captured.

  • the order state will be set to PROCESSING
  • the invoice will be marked as PAID
  • the funds are transferred to the merchant's account

Capturing orders in two steps (delayed)

With delayed capture there are two separate calls for Authorization and Capturing of the funds, meaning that the capture (or settlement of the funds) will take place at a later date than the authorization.

We do not have this capture call automated in the Magento module, as this automation logic can be better built within your ecosystem, that feed back to our payments module when the funds can be captured. You can also build an automated job to capture these, within X number of days considering authorization’s validity window.

Or it can be manual capture (approve), either in the Magento admin dashboard (Accept Payment section), or Worldline Payment Console (Settle Payment section).

  • the order state will be PROCESSING
  • there is no invoice created at this stage

As soon as the capture is successfully triggered, the status will change as following:

  • the order state will be set to PROCESSING
  • the invoice is created and marked as PAID
  • the funds will be transferred to the account
Delayed capture allows you to perform full or partial capture

Full capture

The payment creation results in an authorization that is ready for capture - the full amount needs to be captured for example within 7 days for Visa and Mastercard and 6 days for Carte Bancaire.

Partial capture

The payment creation results in an authorization that is ready for capture. The capture amount can be lower than the authorized amount. Valid for example 7 days for Visa and 30 days for Mastercard.

To enable partial capture, you need to set the "delayed capture" option in the Magento admin panel. Additionally, this requires a corresponding configuration at Worldline. Please reach out to your Implementation Manager at Worldline to confirm this setup.

      Refunding orders (Credit Memo)

      Refunds can be initiated using the Payment Console - please refer to our Worldline guides on how to do this.

      Or, refunds can be initiated through the standard refund function, by creating a Credit Memo in the Magento admin.

      Follow these steps to make a refund:

      1. Go to the order details page
      2. Important: You must open the invoice you want to refund
      3. Then select Credit Memo from the top menu
      4. Adjust the refund amount if needed, and select Refund at the bottom of the page
      5. Upon successful refund, the status of the Credit Memo will go refunded ; and the order will go to Closed

      Use online refunds only. When creating a credit memo, please select the option for Online Refund. Refunds processed offline won't be registered with our platform, and the buyer won't receive their funds back.

      Partial refund

      Refunding only part of the order is possible via automated or manual processes. The status of the order will remain in PROCESSING status. The order has to be refundable, otherwise it will go through the cancellation process where the whole order is cancelled.

      Automated process can be achieved by a logic built within your ecosystem, to only request refunds of selected items and the allocated amount.

      Manual process via Magento is available from plugin version 3.1, giving you the option to select the desired item(s) to refund on the Credit Memo.

      You can also manually issue a partial refund from the Worldline payment console.

      Cancelling orders

      • Orders can be cancelled with Magento's standard cancel function
      • If possible, this will cancel the order on the Worldline Global Collect platform as well
      • To see if a payment or refund can be cancelled, you can check its Transaction information
      • Look at the value isCancellable in the table
      • Denying a Suspected Fraud order will also result in a cancellation, as explained in the Fraud handling section (below)

      Transaction information

      You can look up detailed information about the payment status in Sales > Transactions > Open a transaction. This shows in-depth details about the transaction status. The data received from our platform, and the same is available in Worldline Payment Console. Refunds create separate transactions which show the current status of the refund.

      Updating order manually

      A payment or refund status can get updated automatically via Webhooks.

      Fraud handling

      Our services include automated fraud detection, and if we identify potential fraud, we’ll promptly take action:

      • The transaction will show a FRAUD_SUSPECTED order status
      • A fraud notification email will be sent to the fraud manager

      Payments that appear in the Suspected Fraud section can only be processed further after being approved or denied by you, under order details page (Accept or Deny button). The result will be:

      • A denied payment will cancel the order
      • An approved payment will proceed to the next step automatically

      Difference between Cancel and Void

      n the order detail's view, you will often have the ability to either Cancel or Void an order.
      Cancelling an order means to cancel every transaction related to the order and make it impossible to create any further transactions (invoices, credit memos, etc.).
      Voiding only cancels an order invoice (a capture transaction), leaving the order itself intact for further capture operations.

        Worldline Payment Console

        Please note that actions available in the Magento admin are also possible from the Worldline Payment Console (Pre-Production/Production environments).

        Status mapping

        Magento order status Worldline Connect status Description
        Pending Payment Redirected Pending Payment means that the customer was directed to the payment gateway website, but no return information has been received yet. This status changes when customer pays.
        Processing Pending Approval (for delayed capture) , Capture Requested When the state of new orders is set to Processing, the Automatically Invoice All Items option becomes available in the configuration. In case of partial refund, the status will stay on Processing.
        Suspected Fraud Pending Fraud Approval Challenged transactions are marked as Suspected Fraud. This status means that the order does not have invoice issued and the confirmation email is also not sent.
        Closed Capture Reguested (possible to initiate refund from status 900+) , Paid Closed status indicates that an order was assigned a credit memo, or a refund was issued from the Worldline payment console. When you refund the full amount/order.
        Canceled Rejected , Cancelled , Rejected capture Canceled status is assigned manually in the Admin, from the Worldline payment console, or, when the customer does not pay within the specified time. Currently, you also get a canceled status if you issue a credit memo to an order that hasn't reached the refundable stage yet (status 600-800).