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Mastercard Debit has no sandbox environment.

The test capabilities are limited on Pre-Production as explained below:

  • In Connect Preproduction, merchant:
    • Can only validate connection and the API payload. The validation can be confirmed by way of redirected to the hosted payment page or non-API error for createPayment integration.
    • Cannot complete end-to-end testing, including Wx report integration.
  • In Connect Production, merchant will have two stages:
    • End-to-end testing using TechProcess Test ID (TID).
    • Commercially live declaration when merchant can start processing on TechProcess Live ID (LID)
  • End-to-end testing in production using TID will be facilitated with the help of our Worldline India team.
  • More guidance will be provided by our colleagues during Integration phase.
  • API Reference- India


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