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Payment group: e-Wallet
Payment product ID: 861

Alipay, a leading digital wallet with over a billion global users, offers a streamlined and secure payment solution for tapping into the Chinese market. Our integration allows your business to effortlessly connect with a vast audience of online Chinese consumers, enhancing your global reach. Empower your business with Alipay's user-friendly platform, where international transactions are simplified, offering your consumers a flexible and trusted payment experience.


  • Allows iframe
  • Cancel refund
  • Partial refunds
  • Redirect
  • Recurring
  • Refunds
  • Tokenization

Key benefits

  • Secure online payments through user authentication
  • Irreversible transactions, ensuring reliability
  • No need for a local entity or bank account in China
  • Cross-border and multi-currency settlement


Alipay is available as a part of our full-service offering and has a simplified boarding process:

  1. Our merchant implementation team completes the online boarding form & submits it to Alipay.
  2. Alipay completes KYC.
  3. Alipay sets up a new processing account for your business.
  4. Alipay shares a new processing account with us.
  5. We configure pre-production and production credentials for you.
  6. You run the end-to-end testing with the support of our merchant implementation team.
  7. Go live!

For other questions, you can always contact the boarding team to help you out.

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