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Consumer experience

  1. In case the Google Pay app is not installed on the device, the consumer can download the app from the Google Play store. The consumer can add her/his payment details as well as shipping address in the app.
  2. Within an app that supports Google Pay, the button “Buy with Google Pay” will appear when the consumer is ready to check out.

For a new user the flow is slightly different compared to a returning user:

  1. In the case of a new user, the consumer will be shown the “chooser”, which allows the consumer to log in to their Google Pay account and select the payment method they want to use as their funding source and their shipping address. Once they have confirmed their selection, they will be brought back to your app. Obfuscated billing and shipping information known as the Masked Wallet response is also passed to your app allowing you to render the confirmation screen.
  2. On the confirmation screen, the consumer’s payment and shipping information is displayed. The consumer can change their payment and shipping information and once she/he has reviewed their purchase, they can confirm it. At this point you can request the payment credentials for the consumer’s Google Pay account.
  3. Once the payment has been processed, the consumer should continue through the typical purchase flow to your receipt page. You’ll make one last call to notify Google Pay of the success or failure of the transaction.

Returning consumer

  1. If a user has authorized Google Pay to use a default payment method for your app, both the Buy button and the Continue checkout button should lead directly to the confirmation screen. The chooser popup is bypassed, automatically returning your customer's default backing card and shipping address.
  2. The purchase flow can proceed directly to the confirmation screen, where you render the consumer’s billing and shipping information. Consumers should be able to change the details here as well.
  3. Just like in the new user flow, you will receive the payment credentials for the consumer’s Google Pay account and continue through your typical purchase flow to your receipt page.

Images by Google, see Google Pay developer materials.

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