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Below are the positive test case input definitions with the expected results in the last 4 columns. Positive in this context means that the payments get an authorization. Be aware that the Fraud service can have influence on the final payment status.

Card numberCVVAmountCurrency codeCountry codePayment product IDAuth codeAVS resultCVV resultPayment status ID
5043380343417303 123 1002 ARS AR 139 109196 0 0 600


The negative cases are simulating transactions that do not get an authorization. There are lots of different reasons why a transaction gets declined. More info what the reasons are, are found in the event code description.

Card numberCVVAmountCurrency codeCountry codePayment product IDEvent codeAVS resultCVV result
5043380343417303 123 1005 ARS AR 139 430285 0 0

Fraud Services

Fraud services are by default enabled. The field CITY is controlling the outcome of the fraud check:

CityFraud ResultPayment status
Amsterdam A(ccept) 600/800
Calais C(hallenged) 525
Denver D(eny) 160

For the 525 status a formal decision is required to accept the payment or decline it. The API processchallenged is needed to accept the payment; the status will change to 800. When the payment needs to be declined the CancelPayment will set the status to 99999 (cancelled).

It is also possible to turn off the fraud services per transaction by adding skipFraudService: True to the request. There will be no fraud result in the responses.

Delayed settlement

By default all transaction are set to Delayed settlement, except for the product that don’t support it. In Sale mode, payment will lead to status 800.
In Auth/Capture mode, a payment will lead to status 600, which subsequently requires to do a ApprovePayment to make the status go to 800.


Transactions are not refundable on status Completed with status ID 800, as for that a separate process is scheduled to have the payment end up on a refundable status. Please wait for 1 hour for all your test transactions at status Completed with status ID 800 to be processed like this and set to be ready for refunds.

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