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Payment Processing

India: Permanent Account Number (PAN)

In case you are boarded with our local Indian solutions as a Non-Indian merchant, you will need to capture the Permanent Account Number (PAN) from the customer. The PAN is a ten-character alphanumeric value unique for all identifiable judicial entities in India. This covers both individuals and companies. During the transaction the PAN is used to facilitate tax reporting of the party that is paying. The number needs to be capture as the fiscalNumber. More information can be found in our API Reference



Card payments can be refunded upon requested to the card used to make the original transaction. The request can be made through the India specific payment console (Paynimo) or via an API call. It is also possible for a transaction whilst in the process of being refunded to still be reversed and a chargeback made by the Consumer. The issuing bank will only accept the claim in cases where the refund hasn’t been fully processed.

Refunds can only be accepted if:

  • the original transaction was collected through us
  • The refund value does not exceed 100% of the value of the original transaction.

Few general rules apply:

  • We may reject refund requests if the value of the refund exceeds 100% of the value of the collected transactions.
  • A refund can be initiated (submitted) as individual transaction, online through the India specific payment console (Paynimo) or via an API request.
  • Refunds have to be accompanied with the original transaction reference number.

Partial refund

When a partial refund needs to be applied, the lower amount can be send within the API-call or through the payment console. Partial refunds are often used when multiple products/services are bought by the consumer and one of the products or services is returned.

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