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NH Card (Authenticated)

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Payment console

NH Card (authenticated) payments are available in our payment console under the Real-time Banking payment method section.



  1. In the advanced search, please add a filter for Payment Product.


  1. Search for NH Card (Authenticated).


  1. Select NH Card (Authenticated) to add as a filter for the search option and proceed further.


Scheduled reports

In the daily transactional reports, known as the WX file, the NH Card (Authenticated) transactions will be shown as Real-time Banking transactions. This report will contain information about the following:

    • payments: XIP (Captured Payment), +IP (Payment Received), -IP (Correction of Payment)
    • refunds: -RF (Refund), +RF(Correction of Refund)
    • reversal (chargeback): -RI (Reversal of Payments, Chargeback) ; +RI (Correction on Reversal, Chargeback Refunds)

All the reports will be shared via secure file transfer (SFT), details for which you'll get during technical onboarding.

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