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Samsung Card

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Payment console

Samsung Card is available in our payment console under the credit card payment method section.



  1. In the advanced search, please add a filter for Payment Product.


  1. Search for Samsung Card.


  1. Select Samsung Card to add as a filter for the search option and proceed further.


Scheduled reports

In the daily transactional reports, known as the WX file, the Samsung Card transactions will be shown as credit card transactions. This report will contain information about the following:

  • payments: XON (Captured Payment), +ON (Collected Card Payment), -ON (Settlement Refused)
  • refunds: -RF (Refund), +RF (Correction of Refund))
  • chargebacks: XCB (Notification of Chargeback), -CB (Chargeback), +CB (Withdrawn Chargeback)

All the reports will be shared via secure file transfer (SFT), details for which you'll get during technical onboarding.

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