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SEPA Direct Debit

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Process flows

In order to integrate SEPA Direct Debit, please refer to our API Reference.

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  1. The consumer places an order and chooses to pay using SEPA Direct Debit, and you create a token.
  2. We provide you with the mandate reference.
  3. You present the mandate to the consumer for their signature.
  4. The consumer signs the mandate to proceed.
  5. You notify us of the signed mandate.
  6. You instruct the Direct Debit transactions. Fraud screening will be done before the payment is settled. If fraud result is DENY, then the process will not continue.
  7. We send the settlement file.
  8. Our bank requests to debit the consumer's account.
  9. The consumer's bank confirms the successful debit and transfers the funds.
  10. We retrieve the statement and process the settlement.
  11. Finally, we report the transaction and remit the funds to you.

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