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SEPA Direct Debit

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The test data is related to the sandbox environment and only describes the different test cases. The difference between using the hosted payment page or not using the hosted payment page is not described.


Below are the positive test case input definitions with the expected results in the last column.

IBANCurrency codeCountry codePayment product IDPayment status ID
NL08 INGB 0000000 555 EUR NL 770 600
DE46 7202007 00359 736690 EUR DE 770 600
FR14 2004 1010 0505 0001 3M02 606 EUR FR 770 600


For testing negative payment flow, please use below data.

IBANCurrency codeCountry codePayment product IDEvent IDPayment status ID
NL08INGB0001234567 EUR NL 770 420080 100
DE46 7202007 00359 666555 EUR DE 770 420080 100
FR14 2004 54654649871 EUR FR 770 420080 100

Refunds in sandbox

Transactions are not refundable on status Completed with status ID 800, as for that a separate process is scheduled to have the payment end up on a refundable status. Please wait for 1 hour for all your test transactions at status Completed with status ID 800 to be processed like this and set to be ready for refunds.

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