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The test data is related to the sandbox environment and only describes the different test cases. The difference in using the hosted payment page or not is not described.

The following currencies are supported in the sandbox environment. Please note that these currencies do not reflect the total number of supported currencies. These are indicated at the top of this page.

  • Euro (EUR)
  • Polish zloty (PLN)
  • Pound sterling (GBP)
  • Swiss franc (CHF)


Below are the positive test case input definitions with the expected results in the last column.

Country code Currency code Payment product ID Amount Payment status ID
CH CHF 836 100 800
DE EUR 836 100 800
GB GBP 836 100 800
PL PLN 836 100 800


For testing negative payment flow, please cancel the payment upon redirection, the status of the payment will be 125 with eventid 400700.

Payment steps

After initializing the payment a redirect needs to happen. The page will look like the following. Type "demo" and select the "Demo Bank":


You can use any details on this page. Please click "Next".

Please type 12345 as instructed on the page. Click Next to complete the transaction. The status ID of the transaction will be 800.

The following is how a page looks like on a mobile device:

Refunds in sandbox

Transactions are not refundable on status Completed with status ID 800. A separate process is scheduled for the payment to end up on a refundable status for that. Please wait for an hour for all your test transactions at status Completed with status ID 800 to be processed and set for refunds.

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