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Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product ID: 56

UnionPay International (UPI) is the largest card payment organization in the world, with over 7 billion issued cards (debit and credit cards combined). It was founded in 2002 to unify the card network in China. Although the vast majority of Chinese consumers prefer Alipay and WeChat Pay, accepting UnionPay cards is an important backup channel to cover the preferred payment methods fully. On our platform, we support two different types of integration:

  • ExpressPay: This integration requires no redirect and supports recurring transactions. Please note that this integration has a chargeback risk.
  • SecurePay: This integration offers consumer authentication on the UnionPay platform. The consumer is redirected and can select multiple payment methods, including online banking, mobile banking, and UnionPay-issued cards. There is no chargeback risk with this integration.


  • 3D Secure Specific acquirer only
  • Chargebacks
  • Delayed captures
  • Disputes
  • Industry-specific data
  • Installments
  • Multiple/partial refunds Partial refunds only
  • Partial captures
  • Recurring Specific acquirer only
  • Refunds
  • Tokenization Worldline tokens

Key benefits

  • Real-time authorization approval/decline response
  • International network for purchases outside of China
  • Secure payments


UnionPay International - ExpressPay is available as a part of our full-service offering and has a simplified boarding process:

  1. Our merchant implementation team completes the online boarding form & submits it to our acquiring partner.
  2. Depending on our acquiring partner's feedback, you might need to sign a "Card Not Present" agreement.
  3. Our acquiring partner completes KYC.
  4. Our acquiring partner sets up a new processing account for your business.
  5. Our acquiring partner shares a new processing account with Worldline.
  6. We configure pre-production and production credentials for you.
  7. You run the end-to-end testing with the support of our merchant implementation team.
  8. Go live!

For other questions, you can always contact the boarding team to help you out.

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