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Worldline offers all its real-time front-end services via the Server API, a clean and modern RESTful web service collection. To help you integrate this API in your e-commerce server environment, we have created Server SDKs or Software Development Kits. These SDKs bridge the gap between the platform independent REST interface (based on modern open web standards) and platform specific details for the major server-side technologies. Currently,

Worldline offers Server SDKs for:

Using the SDKs, you will be presented as a developer with objects that map and wrap the services of Worldline in a way that makes developing against them easy.

The SDKs provide a client class that is your main gateway as a developer to the Worldline server. Using the client and your keys, you can create sessions and connections to communicate, among others, server-to-server payment data and encrypted payment “blobs” from Client API implementations that are part of your e-commerce landscape.

Our SDKs are open source and fully support overriding and extending functionality to create your own preferred logic. Our default implementations that we provide out-of-the-box should put you on the right path towards an easy implementation.