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Soft descriptor

The soft descriptor is an optional field for providing a product description. If you choose not to use this field, the GlobalCollect platform will automatically use the combination of merchantId and orderId as the product description name (商品名称), as shown in the first line of the screenshot below. This value will also be displayed on the Alipay payment confirmation page (box 1), as shown in the image.

    CNY currency display

    One unique feature of the GlobalCollect platform integrated with Alipay is the ability to price transactions in CNY (RMB) and receive reports in EUR. To activate this feature, please get in touch with your account manager. 

    Timeout rule

    When a consumer promptly completes the online bank transfer, the response is sent to us, and the transaction status is updated to 800 (READY). However, the consumer has a default window of 12 hours to finalize this transaction. Alipay allows customization of the default timeout value, and you can request one of the following limits: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 5 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours. Feel free to specify your preferred timeout value based on your requirements.

    Product specifics

    • The processing currency must be the same as the settlement currency.
    • This integration doesn't include domestic processing of CNY, which requires a different integration with Alipay.
    • Alipay itself does not impose daily or yearly limits. However, the specific limits applicable to an end-consumer are determined by the bank card they use with Alipay, and this varies based on the policies of the consumer's bank.
    • The possibility of refunds for CNY transactions.


    Refunds on this payment product are made via Alipay and can be processed in two ways:

    • Submitting a refund action for the order via the API call
    • Pushing the refund button on the Payment Console

    Please note that the combined value of all refunds requested for an order should not surpass the total amount initially paid for that order. Additionally, the maximum time allowed for processing a refund is 90 days.

    Features not supported by Alipay

    • Recurring payments
    • Delayed settlement
    • Chargebacks (no dispute handling, these are resolved directly with the consumer)
    • Airline/itinerary data

    Forbidden industries

    • Foreign Exchange (FX)
    • Gambling

    Drugs and health-related items

    • Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances
    • Radioactive drugs, toxic drugs for medical treatment
    • Medicine for drug rehabilitation
    • Pharmaceutical preparation by medical institutions
    • Prescription veterinary products and drugs

    Espionage and surveillance equipment

    • Devices for eavesdropping or secret photographing

    Explicit and illegal content

    • Pornographic materials and sexual services
    • Reactionism, pornography, racial or religious discrimination content
    • Publications or information prohibited by law

    Weapons and ammunition

    • Firearms, imitation firearms, bullets, silencers
    • Guns with narcotic injection
    • Knives, including daggers, flick knives
    • Other weapons like crossbows, steel and lead shots

    Hazardous materials

    • Explosives, radioactive materials
    • Flammable gases, liquids, and solids
    • Toxic substances

    Illegal and dangerous items

    • Items used to endanger or infringe others' interest
    • Police-related and military equipment
    • Gambling machines
    • Refurbished electronics
    • Satellite and cable TV scramblers

    Precious metals and financial products

    • Gold, silver (excluding jewelry)
    • Financial products including credit cards, loans, stocks, funds

    Miscellaneous prohibited items

    • Invoices, lotteries
    • Currency (except for collection purposes)
    • Textile quota, crude oil
    • Endangered species and related products
    • Items infringing intellectual property
    • Human parts and remains (except hairpieces)
    • Bulk email lists with personal information
    • Illicitly acquired items (smuggling, theft)
    • Government documents, forgeries, and distortions
    • Products failing to meet Chinese laws' standards
    • Items considered improper by Alipay (e.g., second-hand underwear)

    Restricted items

    • Tobacco products: cigarettes and related items
    • Medicine and medical equipment: non-prohibited medical items
    • Adult products: erotica products
    • Regulated devices: equipment requiring special qualifications or permission (e.g., radio transmitters)
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