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Process flows

In order to integrate Alipay, please refer to our API Reference.


  1. The consumer places an order on your website and chooses Alipay as their payment product.
  2. The consumer gets redirected to Alipay's website, where they log in and verify their billing details and the funding source linked to their e-wallet.
  3. Alipay displays the total order amount in RMB (CNY), automatically converting it based on the current exchange rate.
  4. The consumer logs into their Alipay account and confirms the payment.
  5. After the consumer completes payment on the Alipay page, we receive an instant notification from Alipay confirming the transaction approval.
  6. This payment confirmation is instantly communicated to you.
  7. The funds from the transaction are transferred to us by Alipay within a few days.
  8. We verify the receipt of these funds in our bank statement.
  9. We remit the collected payments to your account. Additionally, we provide both online and offline daily reports detailing the payments we've received. The status of individual payments can always be checked in the payment console.


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