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Process flows

In order to integrate Boleto Bancário, please refer to our API Reference.


  1. The consumer orders online and selects Boleto as the payment method. 
  2. The consumer receives a prefilled Boleto banking ticket with a reference number. At this point the consumer has the following options:
    • Printing the form and physically paying with cash or cheque at any bank branch in Brazil.
    • Paying online through their internet banking. Please note that there is no immediate redirect to the consumer’s online banking environment.
    • Paying via an ATM.
  3. The consumer completes the payment at the cash outlet, bank or via online banking. 
  4. We receive confirmation of the payment. 
  5. The funds and their references are transferred to our bank. 
  6. We process the reports and updates the transaction status. 
  7. In order to be able to repatriate the funds, the necessary taxes are paid via our network. This is only applicable if you don’t have a Brazilian entity.
  8. We report and remits the collected funds. Please note that in this case the tax has already been deducted. 


Note: Please be aware that status 800 indicates that the transaction has been completed, but is not a guarantee that the consumer paid the full order amount. The paid amount can only be verified at status 1000.

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