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Process flows

In order to integrate ePrzelewy, please refer to our API Reference.

payment flow chart ePrzelewy

  1. The consumer places an order on your website and chooses to pay by ePrzelewy. The consumer selects their financial institution logo and is then redirected to the secure and familiar online banking login page. The consumer enters the username and password and chooses the account from which they would like to pay in order to finalize the payment. 
  2. GlobalCollect receives real-time feedback from ePrzelewy once the consumer has completed the transaction via their online banking interface. 
  3. You request the status of the transaction from GlobalCollect. It should be noted that the consumer is redirected back to your website, where you should present them with a final transaction status.
  4. The consumers’ bank transfers the funds to the bank account for GlobalCollect.
  5. GlobalCollect remits the funds and reports the payment to you.

ePrzelewy state diagram



800 = READY 

900 = SENT


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