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Google Pay can be tested with the sample cards provided by Google. You can request access to the test card suite of Google by requesting it here for the Google account with which you would like to test. It is Google who provides you access to this user group. Our pre-production environment is set to use the TEST environment of Google. Please note that the payload you receive from Google for a non-tokenized card (PAN_ONLY) is always the same, regardless of the card network you selected while paying your Google Pay test transaction.

In case you want to test the decryption of the Google Pay payload from your website or your app on your own servers, you can find more details on Google's website related to testing with sample tokens. Our integration uses version ECv2.

Pre-production and production testing

The test cards provided in the test card suite of Google should only be used in the pre-production environment. In the production environment it is recommended to use real credit cards. Please note that testing in production means that actual money will be deducted from the card you use.

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