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Additional information

Please note the following additional facts with regards to Konbini:

  • Each payment option has its own pricing.
  • Every transaction amount has a documentary tax applied. Worldline will pass on this tax in the invoice.
  • On individual transactions above JPY 50,000 an additional tax between JPY 200 and JPY 210 will be applied. We will pass on this tax in the invoice.
  • As a default we have configured that a Payment reference will expire after 7 days. Expired transactions will be rejected by the Konbini system.
  • A generated payment reference can only be used for one transaction. Recurring transactions are not possible.
  • Konbini does not support refunds via the same payment options and can only be done via bank transfer.
  • Refunds by bank transfer can be executed when the transaction status is at Paid (1000).
  • Konbini and Pay-easy are available in Japanese. Please use Shift-JIS when sending in the characters in the XML.
  • For Konbini payments the maximum amount per transaction is JPY 299,999. If the amount is higher than JPY 299,999 the only payment method available is Pay-easy with a maximum amount of JPY1,000,000

Style guide

During the implementation the guidelines for the use of logo’s will be specified for each of the brands.


Konbini and Pay-easy are offered in a Full Service model. This means that we take care of the collection and reporting of the funds. Status changes that affect the financial position (like refunds and payments) will be reported in our standard reports as described in the reporting section. 

Refunds for this payment product are made via bank transfer (Payment Product ID 1016) and can be processed in two ways:

  • Submitting a refund action on the order via API
  • Pushing the refund button on the Payment Console

Please be aware that the total value of the refunds submitted on the order may not exceed the total amount paid on the payment. The maximum timeline for processing a refund is 180 days.

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