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Payment group: Real-time banking
Payment product ID: 802

Nordea E-Payment is an online real-time bank transfer payment product that can be used by consumers who have a bank account at Nordea. By integrating Nordea E-payment on your website, you can offer your customers the option to pay directly from their bank account. Consumers are redirected to their banking page and a payment confirmation will be triggered automatically after the payment has been completed, enabling you to release the order in real-time.


We will be happy to help you get started.

All of the documents below should be submitted either in Finnish, Swedish or English.

1. An extract from the trade register not older than 3 months, which includes information on board members and other authorized persons on your behalf.
2. A document detailing your decision making powers. This is most often either a Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association.
3. Verified copies of passports of all persons authorized to sign on your behalf. These can be verified by either a bank or notary.
4. Your latest audited annual report.
5. A signed ‘Schedule 2’ document. This is the E-payment agreement service agreement between you and Nordea Sweden.
6. A signed ‘Agreement regarding certain account dispositions, etc. related to e-payment agreements’ document.
7. A signed ‘Agreement governing e-payment services’ document.
8. A letter of recommendation from your house bank.
9. A ‘New customer application form: companies, associations and foundations’ which relates to anti-money laundering legislation.
10. If an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) does not reside in the country that his/her company is based in, then the form ‘Beneficial Owners, residing abroad’ has to be filled out.
11. An up to date and certified organizational chart 

In addition to, and on your behalf, we will send a letter to Nordea Sweden in which we detail the following information:

• Short description of goods dealt with
• Website
• Business name and registration number
• Address
• Contact person
• Contact person’s e-mail address and phone number
• Estimated turnover
• The company’s business activities in Sweden. 

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