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Payment group: e-Wallet
Payment product ID: 840

PayPal serves as a versatile digital wallet, extending a seamless online payment experience to its users. With the flexibility to deposit their wallets or opt for a preconfigured payment method, consumers can manage their transactions with ease and convenience. Our GlobalCollect platform presents a streamlined solution to effortlessly process PayPal payments online. What happens when your consumer chooses to pay by PayPal?

  1. They are redirected to their PayPal account to confirm the order information and payment method.
  2. Next, we process the transaction through PayPal and wait for the transaction feedback.
  3. A real-time confirmation message with payment status is sent to both you and the consumer.

With the integration into PayPal's Express Checkout interface, our GlobalCollect platform offers one of the most comprehensive and efficient solutions for processing PayPal payments.

The additional PayPal features supported by our platform are:

  • Airline Itinerary Data (AID) – airlines and other travel companies can use this feature to include Airline Itinerary Data in the transaction
  • Reference Transactions – allows you to establish a recurring payment with consumers
  • Fraud Prevention – allows you to employ user data for preventing fraudulent activities

Key benefits

  • Fraud Prevention: Allows you to use user data for fraud prevention
  • Line items: Allows you to include basket items in the transaction
  • Direct sale and Authorization/Data Capture
  • Re-authorizations
  • Void authorizations
  • Refunds: Full/Partial refunds on single capture; Full refunds on multiple captures
  • Seller protection
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