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Payment Console:

Rupay is an Indian Card scheme and is being used by Indian consumer. As per Data Localization guidelines from Reserve Bank of India, data related to Indian consumer shall be stored within Indian boundary. Hence we have designed our solution in a fully compliant way so that transactional data resides within boundary of India.

Because of Data Localization constraints, the transactional data corresponding to Rupay Credit & Debit is not available in our standard merchant portal- Payment Console (WPC) and Insight. Instead, you will be provided with Worldline India payment console which will have dashboards and transactional information of India flow, available 24 by 7 for you to carry out your day today operation.

Scheduled Reports:

  • In the daily transactional reports, known as WX file, the Rupay Credit & Debit transactions will be reported as credit card transactions, triggering an XON and +ON record.
  • This report will contain both payments and refunds.
  • Separate report for chargebacks will be shared.
  • Reports will be shared via Secure File Transfer (SFT), details of which will be shared when you are fully boarded with us.