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Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product ID: 4002


RuPay is an Indian payment services system launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) in 2012. RuPay facilitates electronic payment at all Indian banks and financial institutions with a variety of different payment method. In June 2017 RuPay launched their Credit Card, followed by a Debit Card solution in 2018. Both card types are now available on our integration for international merchants. 

RuPay is the first of its kind global Card payment network of India, with wide acceptance at ATMs, POS devices and e-commerce websites across India. The name, derived from the words ‘Rupee’ and ‘Payment’, emphasizes that it is India’s very own initiative for Card payments.

Key Features:

  • Authorization currency: INR​
  • Authentication (RuPay PaySecure)
  • Refunds (supported for 180 days)
  • Chargebacks supported


  • 3D Secure PaySecure
  • Chargebacks
  • Delayed captures
  • Disputes
  • Industry-specific data
  • Installments
  • Multiple/partial refunds
  • Partial captures
  • Recurring
  • Refunds
  • Tokenization

Key benefits

  • Accept card types enabled for cross border (co-branded) or only enabled for local processing
  • Both Debit & Credit Cards are accepted
  • Collect locally and get remitted either outside of India or locally (for Local entity).


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