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Entity requirements

The only specific requirement for in-country operations applies to gambling merchants. They must hold a license in Europe.

Refunds processing

Refunds through Trustly are processed instantly, similar to incoming payments. This provides a significant advantage to your consumers, ensuring a quicker return of funds to their bank accounts.

Refunds made through Trustly can be processed in two ways:

  • Submitting a refund action for the order via the API call
  • Pushing the refund button on the Payment console

It's important to note that the total refund amount for an order should not exceed the initial payment amount. Additionally, the timeframe for processing a refund is 180 days.


Trustly is offered in a full-service model, which means we're handling both the collection and reporting of funds. All status changes impacting financial positions, such as refunds and payments, are documented in our standard reports as outlined in the reporting section.

Forbidden industries

Trustly prohibits business relationships with companies in the following forbidden industries, as well as with unlicensed businesses in licensed sectors:

  • Adult entertainment: businesses generating revenue wholly or partly from explicitly sexual materials, including but not limited to content (images and other media), escort services
  • Cryptocurrency transaction: companies facilitating the purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies, such as exchange platforms
  • Cannabis industry: marijuana dispensaries and related businesses
  • Pseudo-pharmaceuticals: businesses involved in the sale of unapproved or questionable pharmaceuticals
  • Illegal drugs and paraphernalia: selling illegal drugs and related paraphernalia
  • Weapons and ammunition: companies dealing in weapons, ammo, and explosives, except for sports, antiques, or collectors' items
  • Fraudulent schemes: pyramid selling, Ponzi schemes, or other "get rich quick" schemes.
  • Supernatural services: fortune tellers, mediums, and services related to supernatural phenomena
  • Copyright infringement: distributing copyrighted items (licensed software, file sharing, music, etc.) without a valid license or authorization (IPR statement)
  • Money remittance in partner programs: utilizing Company services through a Partner Program for Collecting PSPs (CPSP)
  • Shell banks: as defined under Financial Action Task Force (FATF) recommendations
  • Binary merchants: specific restrictions apply
  • Tech support services: remote tech support, performance optimization, and virus removal solutions (except for authorized resellers of downloadable and installable antivirus software)
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