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Testing Apple Pay in pre-production

If you want to test Apple Pay in our pre-production environment, you can use the the test data provided by Apple on their Sandbox testing page

You will need to create a Sandbox Tester Account, by following the steps described by Apple. To create a Sandbox Tester Account, you will need to be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. From the Apple Developer Program you can access the App Store Connect.

The cards mentioned on the Apple Pay Sandbox Testing page can be added to the device you use for testing, after you have logged into that device with the Sandbox Tester Account you created.

Testing Apple Pay in production

The test cards provided by Apple on their sandbox testing page, can only be used in the pre-production environment. In the production environment it is recommended to use real credit cards. Please note that testing in production means that actual money will be deducted from the card you use.

Apple Pay can only be used and thus tested on Apple devices. Apple Pay on the Web will only work on a Safari browser, so your testing should be done from this browser.

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