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  1. Google Pay™ works on multiple consumer devices and browsers.
  2. Consumers can use Google Pay if the card they use to pay with supports Google Pay. Google provides an overview of issuers (banks) that support Google Pay on their website.
  3. The Google Pay app can only be downloaded in the countries for which Google has made the app available through the Play Store.
  4. Google Pay can be used on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and UCWeb UC Browser.

Payment processing

  1. You can only offer Google Pay through our platform, to offer your consumers the purchase of physical goods or services (like taxi services, clothing or airline tickets), as described on Google’s Developer Policy Center. Purchases for digital goods (such as in-game items, app content, cloud software services or subscription services) should use the Google Play In-App billing as the method of payment.
  2. You will need to adhere to Google Pay Policies for Business if you offer Google Pay.
  3. You do not pay an additional fee to use Google Pay. The regular transaction costs and the card transaction fees apply for Google Pay transactions.
  4. On your invoice the transactions for Google Pay will be aggregated under the card scheme your consumer used. So, if a consumer paid using a MasterCard from their Google Pay Wallet, you will see the transaction being counted under MasterCard.
  5. Google Pay is only supported on Connect using the GlobalCollect platform. 
  6. Not all payment products are available across all acquirers, please ask your Worldline representative for availability.
  7. The payment product ID 320 is used for Google Pay. We will define which card network is used to route the transaction to the right acquirer. In case a consumer is paying with a regular PAN (referred to as PAN_ONLY by Google), which is not tokenized in the Google Pay app, we will process this transaction as a regular card transaction. In that case 3-D Secure can apply.
  8. Once a consumer has added her/his debit and/or credit card to the Google Pay app, it will be tokenized and get a Device PAN (DPAN) which will be used for payments. The transactions for which a DPAN is used (referred to as CRYPTOGRAM_3DS by Google) will be routed to the right acquirer. You might see also the following payment products:
    • 320 - Google Pay - Visa
    • 321 - Google Pay - Mastercard
    • 322 - Google Pay - American Express
    • 323 - Google Pay - Discover
  9. Recurring payments are currently not possible.

Assets and user experience

  1. Please find the Google Pay logo and assets on the Google site.
  2. Google has provided very clear brand guidelines for the usage of Google Pay.
  3. Please follow the user experience best practices provided by Google when implementing Google Pay.


Google Pay is offered in a Full Service model. This means that we take care of the collection and reporting of the funds. Status changes that affect the financial position (like refunds and payments) will be reported in our standard reports, as described in the reporting section.


Google Pay card payments can be refunded upon requested to the card used to make the original transaction. The request can be made through the payment console or via an API call. It is also possible for a transaction whilst in the process of being refunded to still be reversed and a chargeback made by the Consumer. The issuing bank will only accept the claim in cases where the refund hasn’t been fully processed.

Refunds can only be accepted if:

  • the original transaction was collected through us
  • The refund value does not exceed 100% of the value of the original transaction.
  • The merchant category code is not 7995: Betting (including Lottery Tickets), Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting and Wagers. 7995 refunds can only be made via a bank transfer or, for payouts merchants can request a CFT/OCT account.

A few general rules apply:

  • We may reject refund requests if the value of the refund exceeds 100% of the value of the collected transactions.
  • A refund can be initiated (submitted) as individual transaction, online through the payment console or via an API request.
  • Refunds have to be accompanied with the original transaction reference number.

Partial refunds

When a partial refund needs to be applied, the lower amount can be send within the API-call or through the payment console. Partial refunds are often used when multiple products/services are bought by the consumer and one of the products or services is returned.

  • Recurring payments are not supported
  • Payouts are not supported
  • In case consumers pay with a card on file (PAN_ONLY) 3-D Secure should be applied
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