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Payment group: Cards (debit & credit)
Payment product ID: 185

NH Card is a local South Korean card brand supported on our platform. In general, many issued cards are co-branded with Visa and Mastercard for cross-border transactions. However, when people shop online with local businesses, they prefer using cards issued by local banks.

We're enabling you to offer the local experience for South Korean consumers. It means consumers will use the card brands that they are used to and that are not enabled for cross-border processing: around 50% of the cards in South Korea are not co-branded, available on the local network.

Check out the NH Card (Authenticated) product for the Real-time banking payments.


  • 3D Secure
  • Chargebacks
  • Delayed captures
  • Disputes
  • Industry-specific data
  • Installments
  • Multiple/partial refunds
  • Partial captures
  • Recurring
  • Refunds
  • Tokenization Worldline profile token

Key benefits

  • Optimized user experience for South Korean consumers
  • Full access to both types of issued cards: co-branded and local
  • Direct boarding with local card issuers
  • Locally processed payments with or without a local entity
  • Funds collected locally in KRW or settled cross-border in 20+ major currencies


With the help of our South Korean partner, we enabled a very light onboarding process for this payment product, available for different business verticals:

  • e-retail & marketplaces
  • travel & hospitality
  • digital goods & services
  • gaming & entertainment (except for the forbidden industries) 

This product is only available for the full-service offering. Refer to the eligibility criteria to qualify:

Scenario Business registration form with Korean tax ID Personal Clearance Custom Code (PCCC) *Is only applied to international delivery (custom duty tax) Tax ID indication for credit card sales slip VAT indication for credit card sales slip
Physical goods business with a Korean entity Mandatory Not applicable Merchant tax ID
Physical goods business with no Korean entity Not applicable Mandatory Local partner's tax ID Taxable amount 100%, VAT 0%
Digital goods business with a Korean entity Mandatory Not applicable Merchant tax ID Taxable amount 90%, VAT 10%
Digital goods business with no Korean entity Additional confirmation is required*

*Please reach out to your account or sales manager with the following information prepared:

  1. Your name and website's URL.
  2. Manual or automatic capture?
  3. Do you have a Korean Tax ID? If yes, please share it.
  4. How do you like to be settled: cross-border remittance in non-KRW currency or local remittance in KRW currency?
  5. Expected monthly sales volume through us (in USD).
  6. Expected go-live quarter and year (for example, Q2 2024).
  7. The maximum price for the service (in USD)
  8. Standard service provision period (for example, right away after authorization).

For other questions, you can always contact the boarding team to help you out.

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