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Process flows

In order to integrate Paypal, please refer to our API Reference.

  1. The consumer places an order on your website or in your app and chooses to pay with PayPal.
  2. The consumer is redirected to PayPal’s payment page to login and confirm the billing information as well as the funding source within the wallet. It should be noted that the consumer does not have to fill in anything as the information should already be pre-filled previously by the consumer.
  3. We receive real-time feedback on the transaction approval from PayPal once the consumer completes the payment via the PayPal payment page.
  4. The payment status is communicated in real-time to both you and the consumer.
  5. The funds are transferred within a couple of days of a completed payment to us.
  6. We match the funds to the pending order.
  7. We remit the collected payments to you. It also provides daily reports informing you on the payments received. Individual payments’ status is always available in the Payment Console.

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