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Payment group: Real-time banking
Payment product ID: 6105

Bank transfer (or wire transfer) is a payment method that allows consumers to transfer money to a bank account around the world. The consumer is provided with a unique reference number and details of the bank account where they can make their payment.

The consumer will then complete the transaction in any way they prefer to pay. This payment can be made by telephone, mail, or through their online banking package. 

Bank transfer is very advantageous for shoppers who do not have a credit card, or do not want to use it to complete a distance sale payment through internet, telephone, or mail. Bank transfer is also a very safe and secure payment method, as both account holders must have a proven identity and there is no possibility of a chargeback.

In general, the process for bank transfer transactions consists of three steps for you:

  • Providing us with order details (Reference)
  • Consumer executes the bank transfer using the information provided by you and us
  • We match, report and remit the funds to you

We maintain local bank accounts in the countries where the Bank Transfer payment method is normally used for purchases. In these cases, the consumer will be making a bank transfer to a local bank. In the cases where we do not have a local bank account, the consumer will be informed to make the payment to the bank account located in another country. At present Worldline offers such international bank transfers only for some EU countries and it is possible to use the only euro as a transfer currency. In case you interested in some specific countries or currencies which currently are not presented in this documentation please reach out to your account manager.


  • Allows iframe
  • Cancel refund If the debit was not paid/processed yet
  • Partial refunds
  • Redirect
  • Recurring
  • Refunds
  • Tokenization

Key benefits

  • Increase your revenue by accepting local bank transfer payments
  • Increase conversion by offering the option to make payments to a local bank account
  • Allows consumers to make payments to our (local) bank account
  • Non-reversible payments – push payment
  • No interchange percentage
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