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Process flows

In order to integrate UPI, please refer to our API Reference.


  1. The consumer places an order on your website and chooses to pay with UPI
  2. UPI checks the payment details and creates order at their platform
  3. UPI sends back the QR code & mobile intent to us. 
  4. You display the UPI QR code and Mobile UPI button to the consumer
  5. Consumer scans the UPI QR Code with UPI app or selects the Mobile UPI button to launch the UPI APP
  6. Consumer confirms the payment on their UPI app
  7. UPI communicates the payment results back to us
  8. The payment status is communicated to you 
  9. Consumers see a payment successful page 
  10. The funds are transferred within a few days after we are settled by UPI for the transaction
  11. We remit the collected payments to you. 

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