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You can find Apple Pay transactions in our reporting tools.


In the reporting application Insight, you can search for Apple Pay transactions in the advanced search menu under the payment product filter. You will see here also the card scheme used for the Apple Pay transaction.

Payment Console (WPC)

In the Payment Console (WPC) you can search for Apple Pay transactions under the transaction reports. Under mobile you can select the card schemes used for Apple Pay transactions you want to search for. 

Scheduled reports

In the WX file the Apple Pay transactions will be reported as credit card transactions triggering an XON and +ON record.  The payment product ID will tell what kind of card scheme was used:  

  • Apple Pay-Visa (302)
  • Apple Pay-Mastercard (303)
  • Apple Pay-Amex (304)
  • Apple Pay-Discover (305)

In order to learn more about our reporting structure, please see our reporting service.

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