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If after being redirected to iDEAL, a consumer cancels the payment, then presses "back" to return, the consumer will no longer have this session open at iDEAL. It means the option of accepting transactions won't be available. If that happens, the transaction state will be Rejected with the status ID 125 (cancelled at the bank).

The current timeout settings are quite permissive, as they're set to 30 minutes. If a customer doesn't finish the transaction or we can't retrieve its status within this time, this transaction will be timed out, getting the Rejected state with the status ID 140 (expired at the bank).

The table below shows the time it takes for payments to be processed and how it affects the percentage of consumers, completing iDEAL transactions. These percentages are calculated based on the total population of iDEAL transactions and can help you decide how long to keep orders open. However, it's important to note that individual merchants may experience different percentages depending on their unique situation.

minutes % complete
0 33,76%
1 44,17%
2 11,84%
3 3,86%
4 1,63%
5 0,84%
6 0,49%
7 0,33%
8 0,29%
9 0,16%
10 0,13%
11 0,11%
12 0,10%
13 0,08%
14 0,06%
15 0,07%
16 - 20 0,60%
> 21 1,50%

Forbidden industries

Please, consult the list of goods and services, forbidden for sale via iDEAL:

  • Any adult services and content
  • Drugs, illegal substances, and pharmaceuticals
  • Illegal activities, products/services, and the peripheral support (service providing) of illegal activities
  • Individuals and organizations supporting terrorist activities (as listed by European Council or other applicable governmental sites)
  • Travel (without license of National Travel Industry Bonding Organization)
  • Firearms, weapon-related activities
  • Animal trading of any kind
  • Aggregators

Mobile payment

After the consumer selects the issuing bank, you need to provide the redirect to the issuer from the browser window or mobile app. If it's not possible to keep the consumer in the same browser window, then you should let them know about it by displaying the message on the screen (for instance, "You will now be redirected to the app or mobile website of your bank").

In case the payment is initiated from your app, it's not allowed to present the issuer screens in a web view within your own app (in-app browser). The complete payment flow should take place in an app that is trusted by the consumer: either the consumer’s chosen browser or the issuer’s mobile app (up to the redirect back to your app). During the payment flow, there should be no option for the consumer to initiate another payment through your original app.

The iDEAL Mobile payment may redirect the consumer to a different mobile page or app as part of the transaction. You should strive to keep the consumer on one browser page as much as possible but should not make use of an in-app browser in your app. In those cases where changing to another app or window is necessary (such as the redirect to the issuer) the consumer should be informed beforehand in order to avoid confusion (for example,  ‘You are being redirected to the app of merchant X. If the app does not load, click here’).

Inline frame 

It's not allowed to present the screen of the issuer in an iframe, as the consumer must be able to validate the URL and the SSL certificate of the web page they are on.


iDEAL is offered in a Full Service model. This means that we take care of the collection and reporting of the funds. Status changes that affect the financial position (like refunds and payments) will be reported in our standard reports, as described in the reporting section. 

Refunds on this payment product  are made via Bank Transfer (Payment Product ID 1070) and can be processed in two ways:

  • Submitting a refund action on the order via API
  • Pushing the refund button on the Payment Console

Please be aware that the total value of the refunds submitted on the order may not exceed the total amount paid on the payment. The maximum timeline for processing a refund is 180 days.

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