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October, 2023



  • fundingType property to order.additionalInput.typeInformation
  • order.additionaInput.accountFundingRecipient property with name, address, accountNumber, accountNumberType, dateOfBirth and partialPan
  • firstName and surname properties to
  • additionalInfo, city, stateCode, state, countryCode, houseNumber, street and zip properties to order.additionalInput.accountFundingRecipient.address
  • order.customer.personalInformation.identification property with idType, idValue and idIssuingCountry
  • isCompany property to order.customer
  • The property redirectPaymentMethodSpecificInput.paymentProduct809SpecificInput.issuerId is no longer required when the merchant is configured to use iDEAL 2.0
  • The complete payment endpoint can now be used for completing 3D Secure payments.
  • Mapped error code 33000833 to HTTP status 400 INVALID_VALUE.
  • canBeIframed flag for PP 843 (gateway & domain) is added


Fixed validation of the following fields for the hosted checkout request:

  • fraudFields.customerIpAddress
  • fraudFields.orderTimezone
  • merchant.websiteUrl
  • order.customer.device.ipAddress
  • order.customer.device.locale
  • order.customer.device.timeZoneOffsetUTCMinutes
  • order.customer.device.userAgent
  • order.shoppingCart.items.invoiceData.description
  • order.shoppingCart.items.orderLineDetails.productName
  • The merchant property is now made visible on the CreateHostedCheckoutRequest.
  • The property KeyValuePair.value is now returned even when the value is null.


  • Deprecated property order.additionalInput.loanRecipient with no replacement.

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MyCheckout Hosted Payment Pages


  • Added the option to customize the subscription details for the MyCheckout hosted payment pages


  • Payment products where not updated when changing between different currencies.
  • Payment products without instructions are now not being shown in the editor.

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  • The file extension of the language packs is changed to xlsx.

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